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It would be easy to assume that grease stains, mold, dirt, algae, or any other annoyance is impossible to remove, even with pressure washing. West Jordan Power Washing has worked hard to be the number one option for affordable and professional power washing services. We can take care of your needs whether they be residential, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, retail, municipal, institutional, or transportation.  

We have top of the line equipment, but more importantly, we have the experienced professionals who know how to combat your problems. They all have years of experience providing commercial, industrial, and residential pressure washing services. Because of all our experience, we take care to protect your property, while using our pressure washing skills to eliminate the pesky and unsightly nuisance that led to your call.

We know that price is important, so you can trust that we will offer the fairest prices with the most possible value, no matter what other pressure washing company you compare us to.

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Patios, decks, driveways, roofs, windows, facades, buildings, equipment, infrastructure, or vehicles… we can make it look like new again. 

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Residential Services

Houses, Apartments, Condos, Townhomes, Apartments

Commercial Services

Offices, Restaurants, Storefronts, Municipal

Industrial Services

Manufacturing, Warehouses, Transportation, Parking

How Often Should You Pressure Wash
Your Home or Business?

We’ve already mentioned the concept of maintenance. Your father or grandfather surely taught you to take care of your things. Whether that is you own property or a business you are caring for, taking proactive preventative measures could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

We know that when you are looking for Salt Lake City pressure washing, or anything in the Salt Lake area, you are dealing with winds, dirty rain, smog, and other debris, you’ve gotta keep that clean man!

By using pressure washing regularly you will prevent the dirt, algae, mildew and mold from ever taking root. You can not only see the results, but you can rest assured that you have actually made results happen.

The frequency will depend on the type of surface being pressure washed. If you are looking to clean a high-traffic, dirty environment, or anything exposed to the elements regularly, you would be wise to consider a regularly scheduled plan. With our incentive pricing for long-term pressure washing service agreements, you will likely feel as though you are paying nothing when you consider the new feeling of having a regularly clean and healthy environment.

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West Jordan Power Washing is here to help you with all your pressure washing needs. We can clean your home or business. We do it fast, we do it at a fair price, and we do it right. Call for a free estimate today!


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We offer fair pricing so you can keep your home or business clean.

Why Should You Consider Pressure Washing?

Aside from the cool feeling that comes from looking at something that’s once again shiny and new, you can find several practical reasons to consider power washing.

First, West Jordan Power Washing could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to consider replacing old and ugly looking decks, siding, windows, fences, or more. You could sit back and enjoy some lemonade while watching our highly trained and experienced technicians revive your worn and dirty exteriors. We do all the work for you from setup to cleanup. It doesn’t matter how greasy, dirty, or stained it appears, when WJ Power Washing is done with it, you will feel the freshness radiating all over. That’s because our pressure washing skills will leave you with the best results possible, no matter the job.

Another practical reason to consider power washing is to prepare for an event where WOWing is expected. Parties, weddings, reunions, open houses, business visits or tours, and even just trying to impress others, all are great reasons to CALL NOW and setup you free pressure washing quote today.

If all that is not enough, know that many insurance companies offer incentives for proper maintenance  of their insured property. Pressure washing is a perfect way to address this, and with the affordable and fair pricing the West Jordan Power Washing stand by, you will know you are saving money both now, and in the future.

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We Stand Behind Our Professional,
High Quality Pressure Washing!

West Jordan Power Washing has been taking care of customers for years. We don’t plan on going anywhere, so you can know we are going to always do our best.

With the highly skilled, extensively trained power washing technicians that we employ, you will quickly see the importance of each and every customer and project we are a part of. We have honed our knowledge and skills to protect your property, while mercilessly destroying your dirty problems. Pressure washing is a smart decision, and we like helping you make it.

We believe in our pressure washing services, because we believe in making the world a little cleaner in everything that we do. We have been providing pressure washing in Salt Lake City and all around the Salt Lake valley for years. We love what we do. Give us a chance to prove it and CALL TODAY!

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What All Can be Power Washed?

If it gets dirty, greasy, oily, grimy, or stained, we can most likely power wash it. You don’t have to have an extremely dirty project to clean things up and make them shine again. Before you spend hours scrubbing and trying questionable cleaning chemicals, allow West Jordan Power Washing to come and take care of it for you.

CALL TO ASK if you have any questions or doubts, but know that if you think we can power wash it, we most likely can.

If you look at some of the example photos on this site, you will see just how dramatic of a difference a good pressure washing service can make. Because we have been providing Salt Lake City power washing services for years, we can make your home or business photo worthy.

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